5 Things Families Can do to Support Loved Ones in Recovery

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can cause a lot of disruption in families. The disruption can occur even when the addicted person has received treatment and is moving in the path of recovery. The following 5 suggestions for family members dealing with a loved one new to recovery come from HBO’s Addiction website:

  1. Educate yourself on the recovery process for individuals and families.
  2. If your recovering family member is living with you, provide a sober environment to support that recovery.
  3. Seek professional and peer support (from a group like Al-Anon) for your own physical and emotional health. Support your family member’s involvement in treatment aftercare meetings and recovery support groups.
  4. Assist the recovering family member with assistance in locating sober housing, employment, child care, transportation or other recovery support needs.
  5. Assertively re-intervene in the face of any relapse episode.

Read the full text of the article by William L. White, MA

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