Each individual who seeks women’s addiction treatment near Burlington, Vermont is unique. They each have distinct goals, needs, and challenges. That said, there is one trait that each woman who comes to our women’s treatment center has in common: they want to work through mental illness and/or addiction, and begin a new journey. To do this, they need the help of individualized treatment designed by women for women. This unparalleled type of treatment is the level of care that we offer at Crossroads Maine. For more information about our addiction treatment programs, contact the women’s only treatment center at Crossroads today by calling 877.978.1667.

Advantages of Seeking Women’s Addiction Treatment Near Burlington, Vermont

smiling woman after finding womens addiction treatment near burlington vermont Women battling addiction face particular challenges that men will not understand or experience. As such, if a woman needs an addiction treatment program, seeking women’s addiction treatment near Burlington, Vermont is one of the best decisions she could make. At Crossroads Maine, we tailor each woman’s treatment to her specific needs. With trauma-informed treatment programs and evidence-based relational models, our residential treatment programs provide a safe and structured environment. Without the outside distractions and the stress of co-ed treatment, you can focus solely on your recovery, which provides a phenomenal foundation you can rely on outside of treatment.
Furthermore, at our women’s treatment program, you’ll find a multitude of services, activities, and therapies. Our experts have designed each of our treatment options to meet the challenges of the women who come to our treatment programs. Our treatment programs give you the tools and support that you require in order to move forth with confidence after treatment.

Our staff is full of experts in addiction and mental health treatment, and we work tirelessly to lead our residents throughout their recovery. As part of our addiction treatment programs, we provide evidence-based therapy programs, meaning that these programs that addiction treatment experts have extensively studied to ensure they work. Our therapeutic options include:

With the help of these treatment programs, you’re able to examine the adverse behavior patterns in your life and replace them with healthier options. In doing so, you get the tools you need to stay sober after treatment.

Specially Designed Treatment Programs at Women’s Addiction Treatment Near Burlington, Vermont

Addiction can impact women from every walk of life. However, for many women, this is a detrimental fact. Many women feel that they cannot be away from their children for the length of time required to fully recover from addiction. In some cases, the woman would be willing to get treatment, but there is no childcare available for their children.

At Crossroads Maine, we have a solution to this problem through our rehab program for women with children. This treatment option is available for women who are pregnant or have children younger than the age of five. It’s also a treatment option for women who are attempting to reunify their families. This residential treatment program provides treatment for the mother and childcare for the children. During the mother’s treatment, she will attend parenting classes, support group meetings, and counseling to help her fully recover from addiction.

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Our residential rehab program is only one of the unique treatment options available at Crossroads Maine. Our women’s only addiction treatment near Burlington, Vermont provides a range of helpful treatment options, including:

  • Alcohol addiction treatment
  • Heroin addiction treatment
  • Cocaine addiction treatment
  • Marijuana addiction treatment
  • Opioid addiction treatment

If you’re ready to leave your addiction in the past, we’re ready to help you. Contact Crossroads Maine at 877.978.1667 to learn more about women’s addiction treatment near Burlington, Vermont.