It’s Time for Parents to Talk to Teens About Drugs

A national study that analyzes parental attitudes and behaviors towards teen drug use is reporting a 12% decrease in “frequent discussions,” defined as 4 or more, about drug and alcohol abuse between parents and teens. The 2006 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study (PATS), conducted by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, showed that only about half

Teens Openly Chat About Drugs and Alcohol Online, Study Finds

Caron Treatment Centers, a nonprofit alcohol and drug treatment center in Pennsylvania, commissioned a study by Nielsen BuzzMetrics to see what teens talk about online. The results of the study were released on June 19th. According to USA Today, a computer program was used to search blogs, message boards, public chat rooms and “other places

U.S. Surgeon General Warns Maine Parents About Underage Drinking, Offers Tips

Rear Admiral Kenneth P. Moritsugu, MD, MPH was on the steps of the Maine State House yesterday warning parents about underage drinking. The Acting U.S. Surgeon General, along with First Lady Karen Baldacci and other community leaders, talked about how research has shown that alcohol can cause damage to the still developing adolescent brain. Research

A Mother Shares the Story of Losing her Daughter to a Methadone Overdose

Cynthia Doucette visited Crossroads for Women’s Residential Rehabilitation facility in Windham, Maine on Tuesday, June 5th to talk to women from the short-term and long-term mother and child residential programs about her daughter, Candice. Candice was 18 years old when she died of a methadone overdose in 2003. She was at a party with friends

New Study Shows Parents Are Giving Kids Their First Alcoholic Drinks

New research shows that middle school children are getting alcohol from their parents. And we’re not talking about stealing booze out of the liquor cabinet when mom and dad aren’t looking. A new study, lead by principal investigator Kelli Komro, lead author Mary O Hearst and colleagues, found that more than one-third of the alcohol