Tell Maine Legislators That Treatment Works

On Thursday, January 12th (tomorrow), the Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs will be discussing the elimination of MaineCare coverage for childless, non-disabled adults from the DHHS Supplemental Budget (LD 1746), as proposed by Governor Paul LePage. The work session begins at 10:00am and will be held in room 228 at the Maine State

Defining Recovery + a New Recovery Center in Portland

SAMHSA recently announced a new “working definition” of recovery from mental disorders and substance use disorders. The definition comes from a year-long effort that involved SAMHSA and several members of the behavioral health care community and beyond. The definition reads as follows: A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live

What ever happened to saving women and children first? | Barbara Dacri’s testimony from 5/11/11

Following is the text of the 2 minute testimony from Barbara Dacri, Crossroads for Women‘s executive director, to the Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs of the Maine Legislature. Barbara testified on 5/11/11 at the State House in Augusta, Maine in response to the governor’s new change package. The Maine Office of Substance

Help Save Crossroads for Women’s Residential Programs

Today, the Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs and the policy committees of the Maine Legislature are holding public hearings in Room 228 of the State House on the Governor’s CHANGE PACKAGE to LD 1043. If passed, this change package will close both of Crossroads for Women’s residential facilities. We asked for your

Crossroads Needs Your Help

We don’t normally send emails like this, but we need your help. On Friday, Crossroads for Women received the recommendations that the Office of Substance Abuse (OSA), a division of DHHS, is forced to make in an attempt to keep treatment available in our state. These recommendations essentially dismantle Maine’s substance abuse treatment system as

Maine’s Substance Abuse Services Report Card

The Maine Substance Abuse Services Commission recently released the first ever  report card that measures how well a state is doing in addressing alcohol and drug prevention, treatment and recovery related issues and needs. The report card was modeled after Join Together’s “Blueprint for the States: Policies to Improve the Ways States Organized and Deliver

In Maine, a little alcohol is still alcohol

Houlton, Maine has been making international headlines lately. And it’s not because of their ideal location for snowmobiling. Recently, a high school student brought attention to the fact that the Fentimans Lemonade he was drinking contained a small amount of alcohol, less than 0.05% according to the label. Fearing he would get in trouble at

6.17.09 National Call-in Day to Include Addiction and Mental Health Services in Healthcare Reform

Those in the substance abuse and mental health fields are encouraging people to call their legislators today to make sure that addiction and mental illness prevention, treatment and recovery are included in any healthcare reform considered by Congress and the Obama Administration. If you’d like to participate, visit the Faces and Voices of Recovery Action