Rebuilding Relationships with a Loved One in Recovery

When someone is struggling with active addiction, it can take a toll on relationships with family and friends. Trust is easily broken and can take a long time to rebuild. A person’s actions and behaviors while under the influence can contribute to creating family rifts that are challenging to overcome. But by focusing on substance

Embracing the Benefits of Sobriety in the New Year

Celebrating the New Year often comes with the clinking of champagne glasses and parties that start in the evening and last well into the early morning. It should come as no surprise that people also tend to overindulge, drinking more than they should. The influence of alcohol can lead to rising tempers and disagreements, driving

Socializing in Recovery: Avoiding Holiday Temptation

Addiction from recovery is a journey, and it does involve lifestyle changes, but it doesn’t mean you’re destined for a life spent alone. Socializing in recovery is possible as long as you plan ahead and consider your options. You can still celebrate with friends and go out and enjoy yourself; it just may look a

strength of women poster - crossroads

Women in Harmony and Crossroads Present: The Strength of Women

Women in Harmony is partnering with Crossroads to present “The Strength of Women” at The Cathedral Church of St. Luke at 143 State St, Portland, ME on Friday, May 15th at 7:30PM and Saturday, May 16th at 4:00PM. Sponsored by L.L.Bean, this concert is the second of Women in Harmony’s 2015-2016 Concert Series focused on women