Family Involvement in Substance Abuse Treatment: A Client’s Perspective

Crossroads has put a stronger emphasis on family involvement at all levels of treatment over the past year or so. Following is an anonymous quote from a client in our halfway house program, also known as Back Cove, about what it meant for her mother to be involved in her treatment.

“It was really nice for my mom to have had the opportunity to participate in family education at Back Cove. It allowed her to get a better understanding of what recovery looks like for me now. She was able to see that I AM serious about staying clean and sober and to also get back in touch with myself.  She understands this is just the beginning, but sees that I am doing it thus far. It gave me the opportunity to be honest with her. She was able to hear me say what I want for myself. She and I both realized that outside of alcoholism and drug addiction, we have a lot in common.

She attended an Al Anon meeting and an AA meeting with me and came to realize that the 12 steps are not just applicable to drug and alcohol addiction. She was so interested in the 12 steps, she left the AA meeting with a 12 Step book. She was also able to witness me receiving my 30-day chip (Hooray for me!). She left the meeting feeling enlightened, relieved and armed with more education.

Thanks for the opportunity to build this relationship.”

Crossroads Back Cove holds family get togethers on Monday evenings from 5:30pm – 6:30pm. Family, sponsors and other supports are encouraged to attend an informal education. According to Halfway House Program Manager Nikki Oliver, “we talk about the program, a tad of education, resources available to families, and encourage participants to attend Al Anon. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions and have brief interactions with their person in treatment.”

For more information on our 6-month halfway house program for women, visit the Crossroads website.

This article was originally published in Crossroads’ monthly e-Newsletter