Feel Well. Live well. Be Well. The Benefits of Outpatient Counseling.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be in a therapy session with a counselor?

If you haven’t experienced an outpatient counseling session, you might wonder what goes on behind those closed doors. We decided to ask a few of Crossroads for Women’s outpatient therapists about the basic goals of a counseling session.

While it depends on each individual’s situation, some of the goals of therapy may include to:

  • Sort the things out that are on your mind
  • Get something off your chest
  • Reduce emotional pain
  • Increase your ability to understand and cope with your feelings
  • Decrease symptoms of anxiety or depression
  • Gain freedom from an addiction
  • Improve your ability to understand and get along with your family and peers
  • Learn more about yourself and your relationships
  • Get some support and direction
  • Have an opportunity to talk to someone who will listen without judgment
  • Address grief and loss or feelings of loneliness
  • Understand the disease of addiction and learn how to live with it

Life can be overwhelming. It’s important to know that everyone needs help once in a while. Going to a counseling session doesn’t mean you are weak or crazy. It just means you might be searching for a different perspective.

Crossroads for Women is offering a one-hour therapy session for free to new clients during the month of May. We promise no diagnosis and no paperwork. Just an opportunity to see if counseling could be beneficial to you.

Call us if you’d like to talk to someone one-on-one:

Greater Portland Counseling Center: 207.773.9931 Get directions to this location

Kennebunk Counseling Center: 207.467.3369 Get Directions to this location

Windham Counseling Center: 207.894.5733 Get Directions to this location