Why the Holidays Can Be a Good Time for Addiction Treatment

November and December tend to be the busiest time of the year because they are filled with so many holidays and events. People often stray from their normal routines and allow themselves to indulge in food and drinks more than they typically would. There are also more gatherings with family and friends where emotions can run high.

While holiday celebrations are often a joyous occasion, they can also raise awareness about substance use issues. It may become more evident that a loved one’s drinking or drug use has become problematic. The holidays can actually be a great time to get a family member or close friend into addiction treatment. It can seem counterintuitive to take them away from family, but this can actually be beneficial.

Benefits of Addiction Treatment During the Holidays

For one, it gets the individual out of potentially risky situations and into a safe, substance-free environment. Holiday parties are often full of drinking and people give themselves leniency in overindulging because it’s a special occasion. It can also be easier for people to downplay or cover up the severity of their substance use because they attribute it to the celebrations occurring.

Emotions also tend to run higher over the holidays because people are stressed out about planning for get togethers, finding gifts, wrapping up last minute projects at work, and attending school or community programs. This stress can lead to increased drinking or drug use as a way of trying to cope or feel more relaxed.

Entering into rehab allows the individual to separate themselves from these types of situations. Choosing a program outside of where they live provides an even greater change of scenery and fewer distractions. It can reduce temptation to leave early or connect with people who may be a poor influence as well.

Addiction impacts the entire family. Knowing that a loved one is safe in treatment and getting the help they need can make everyone feel more at ease over the holidays. There is less worry about their substance use at holiday gatherings or as a way of coping with challenging problems. Family members also don’t have to wonder what type of mood they may be in or what to expect. In addition, families can play an active role in recovery by attending family programs or therapy sessions and working through their own concerns.

Completing an addiction treatment program like Crossroads over the holidays also allows clients to focus on making positive changes for the upcoming year. Everyone gets caught up in making resolutions, but they can develop healthier routines and goals in recovery to help prevent relapse and make the most of each day. Attending treatment during the holidays isn’t a form of punishment – it’s a way to show someone that you truly care about their well-being and want them to get better so that you can enjoy future celebrations together.

Crossroads provides the comprehensive and personalized care necessary for addiction recovery. Clients are enveloped in a therapeutic environment that meets their individual needs and equips them with strategies to support long-term recovery. Addiction treatment addresses the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual challenges that clients face and helps them to remember who they wanted to be.

Worried about your loved one’s substance use over the holidays? Help them get the treatment they need at Crossroads.