Opportunity for Friends and Family Members to Learn About a Loved One’s Addiction

Crossroads for Women will be holding it’s last educational series of the year, “The Effects of Addiction on Friends & Family,” starting on November 4th in Portland, ME. The 4-week series is for those friends and family members with a loved one that has a drug or alcohol problem. It is also helpful for those who work with people affected by addiction. Whether the loved one is in recovery, treatment or in active addiction, this series helps people learn more about addiction, how to cope with the loved one and also take care of themselves. The response to the series has been phenomenal all year long. Here are just a few comments from those who attended the series in September:

“All aspects of the program were beneficial. It was just what I needed to understand the disease and its impact on the family and on children. Also, the information learned here will help me to go forward and make changes in my own behavior that will prove helpful, I’m sure, to my new family and to myself. Thank you for a quality, affordable program.”

“Everything was great.I came with two other family members and really saw how we were acting as a unit and our own denial, and how to move from it. I feel the furthest away from the situation compared to other family members, so I was amazed at how much I was able to get out of this class and feel that I will now be able to really contribute to helping get us all back on track! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this series and looked forward to it every week, and I feel better equipped. I’m very thankful to you for starting this for we friends and family and loved ones of addicts.”

The holiday season can be an especially stressful time for those in recovery, in treatment or in active addiction. This stress can also be difficult for friends, family members and everyone around the addicted person. If you or someone you know if affected by drug or alcohol addiction and is in the Portland, ME area, you will find this series helpful. For more information, call Crossroads for Women at 207.773.9931, email or visit the Crossroads for Women website.