Roller Skating Outing is Pure Sober Fun

The following post was written by a current Crossroads for Women halfway house client, Amanda.

Monday, March 21, 2001, our program director had an outing planned for the clients. We were all very excited. So, we all piled in the van, me and 5 other women, with absolutely no idea of where we were going.

After stopping for coffee at McDonald’s, we started heading for Westbrook [Maine]. The van started to take a right hand turn. We all looked up and had noticed we were pulling into Happy Wheels [Skate Center].

The excitement of being there was overwhelming. It was like we were all kids again.The women and I rushed inside and got our skates. It was like we couldn’t get them on fast enough.

For myself, I can say it was a rush to get back our and roller skate again. As we all started skating, we realized how long it was for all of us.

Our counselors came with us too, and even they had their skates on. For some of us, it took a few minutes to get back into the hang of things and, for others, it was like they took right to it.

The program manager had gotten the skating rink rented to just us for a whole hour. Group picture time came up. Some of us had to catch others to take the picture because it was hard to stop on roller skates. Once we collected everyone, we huddled together for what turned out to be an amazing photo.

Our time at the rink had to come to an end. So, once again, we all piled into the van not knowing where we were headed. One of our counselors had given it away though. We were heading to a meeting!

We got to The Oasis Club [a nonprofit recovery clubhouse in Saco] in enough time for the noontime meeting. Come to find out, there was a gentleman there celebrating his one year. He had a great speech and amazing feedback. Two of our ladies had picked up their one and fourth month chip at the meeting.

After the meeting, we headed out for lunch. We thought we were going to a salad bar. Then, we pulled into the Tin Tin Buffet. There was so much food. Seafood, sushi, Chinese, and the biggest salad bar I had ever seen. It was an awesome lunch.

After lunch was over, we headed to Old Orchard Beach and had a meeting in the van. When our meeting was over, we headed back to Portland.

I am very grateful for the program manager and our clinicians setting up this wonderful experience!

Thank you ladies.

[Note: If that isn’t sober fun, I don’t know what is!]