Understanding Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is a topic of great debate across the United States. Studies have shown that cannabis oil may be beneficial in certain medical situations, and recreational use of marijuana has become more prevalent as well. While it is not possible to overdose on marijuana that does not mean that there are no negative consequences that can occur. There is also risk of dependency and addiction.

While marijuana addiction can be rare, there are still a large number of cases and the effects are severe. Marijuana can be addicting due to the sedateness and euphoria it delivers and people who are likely to have a more chaotic life will turn to it to achieve an easy escape.

Marijuana addiction treatment supports clients in creating a healthier lifestyle without the effects of substance use.  Clients are able to break the hold that weed has on their life and focus on coping with challenges and achieving relaxation in other ways.

Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction symptoms can be easily spotted. Apart from the constant odor that mixes sweetness and tang that you can smell from the user, marijuana addiction denotes certain behavioral and physical changes such as:

  • Euphoria
  • Impaired perceptions
  • Cognitive problems
  • Weakened motor skills
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Mucus-filled cough
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Paranoia

Observe as much as you can for weed addiction symptoms to make sure that you can perform an intervention for your loved ones properly and appropriately.

marijuana-addiction-treatment-crossroadsEffects of Marijuana Addiction

Weed addiction can cloud decision making, increase cancer risk, and take a toll on relationships, finances, careers, and more. Researchers are still studying the long-term effects, but it is clear that smoking marijuana affects the respiratory system and alters the mind, at least in the short-term.

Many people enjoy the euphoria, heightened senses, and feelings of relaxation that can occur with marijuana use. However, the effects are not the same for everyone. Some people have increased anxiety or paranoia. They may also experience hallucinations. When dependence or addiction develops, people may go through symptoms of withdrawal when they stop use. This can be a stressful and uncomfortable situation as the body adjusts.

Crossroads’ Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Many clients seek marijuana rehab when the weed addiction signs kick in and they realize the negative impact that their weed addiction has had on their lives.

Perhaps it has taken a toll on their health, they don’t like the way they act while under the influence, it has affected their work performance, their finances are becoming tight, or they want to improve their parenting and be a more positive role model for their children.

At Crossroads, marijuana addiction treatment starts with detox to help clients work through this process as safely and comfortably as possible. Medical professionals and staff assist clients in overcoming cravings and withdrawal symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, irritability, restlessness, and decreased appetite.

Once the body is free from the influence of addictive substances, clients can focus on continuing to heal their body and mind. Marijuana addiction treatment combines evidence-based therapies, holistic approaches, and individualized planning to support clients in rebalancing their lives and overcoming the effects of problematic use and addiction.

At Crossroads, there are different marijuana addiction treatment approaches used such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, trauma-informed care, motivational interviewing, and dialectical behavioral therapy are used to support clients in working through underlying issues that contribute to substance use, as well as the challenges they face adjusting to life in recovery.

In the Children and Mothers Residential Program, women can confront their marijuana addiction and develop healthier routines and coping skills to benefit them and their young children. The Back Cove Women’s Residential Program is a close-knit community for women to address their struggles with marijuana use and what it means to be a woman battling addiction and choosing recovery.

Just like other treatment practices, clients are exposed to new opportunities and can engage in acupuncture, meditation, yoga, equine therapy, and other strategies to solidify their recovery efforts and reduce risk for relapse.

Participants will also be able to explore the impact of marijuana addiction on their lives, relationships, families, and decisions, and learn techniques to create a strong support system and environment that is conducive to long-term recovery and Crossroads is here to help.

With Crossroads, a mental health and addiction treatment center, patients will be engaged in the here and now, they’ll appreciate each day as it comes and each opportunity that arises through the help of a remarkable marijuana addiction treatment that is adaptable to every individual!

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