Drug Addiction Affects Women of all Ages and Backgrounds – Even “Marcia Brady”

Maureen McCormick will always be known as Marcia Brady to us. In actuality, the beautiful, fun-loving character that every girl wanted to be like was struggling with some serious issues that would lead to drug addiction, bulimia, depression, paranoia, two abortions and a whole host of other problems. At 52 years old, Maureen is talking

Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol, Drugs and Tobbaco Affects Brain Into Adolescence

Researchers at Children’s Hospital Boston and Boston Medical Center have found that the effects of fetal exposure to alcohol, drugs and tobacco persist into early adolescence. The study used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scans to the effects on brain structure into early adolescence. Participants of the study included 35 young adolescents, with an average