Ryan Hale

Growing Up Chaotic: Heroin Addicts Look Like This

The following post was originally published on the Growing Up Chaotic blog and is shared with permission. For more from Growing Up Chaotic, check out these posts. Let’s play a quick game. Close your eyes for a second and picture a heroin addict. What images come to mind? Did you picture your high school homecoming

Growing Up Chaotic Show Featuring The Crossroads Back Cove Treatment Center For Women

Crossroads executive director Shannon Trainor was recently interviewed on the Growing Up Chaotic radio show. Dawn Clancy, host of the show and author of the Growing Up Chaotic blog, talked to Shannon about the Back Cove Residential Program, a premier recovery destination for women from all over the country that offers holistic treatment in a beautiful

Shannon Trainor Talks About Gender-Specific Treatment on Growing Up Chaotic Radio Show

Crossroads Clinical Director, Shannon Trainor, LCSW, CCS, was on the Growing up Chaotic Show on BlogTalk Radio yesterday talking about gender-specific substance abuse treatment. The show “provides a 360° view on all topics related to addiction, recovery, abuse, and mental illness.” Shannon talked with the show’s host, Dawn Clancy, about what gender-focused therapy is and Crossroads’ approach

Guest Post: How I Learned to Take Responsibility for my Parents’ Drinking

The following article is a guest post by Dawn Clancy. I vividly remember sitting across from my stepfather, Joe, at the kitchen table. In his hands were a stack of multiplication flashcards about 2 inches thick. His impatient, beady eyes drilled right into the center of mine as he snapped each card in front of my