What Crossroads for Women’s New Outpatient Services for Men Mean to Women

If you keep up with Crossroads for Women via our monthly e-Newsletter or on our Facebook page, you know that we have started to expand our outpatient services to serve men.

In talking with service providers, physicians and others who refer clients to us, we saw the need for more outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment options for men.

Our goal is to provide the same high quality, evidence-based treatment services to men that we already do for women. As a result, treatment will remain gender-focused. There will be two separate tracks for people seeking outpatient substance abuse and mental health services, one for men and one for women

So, what does this mean for the women who are already clients at Crossroads?

A lot, actually.

Since announcing our intention to provide services for men, many of our current clients have breathed a sigh of relief. So many have told us that they had wished there were a Crossroads for Men for their husband or boyfriend. That they wanted the men in their life to be able to get the same help that they received at Crossroads.

Now, men can get that help and education from Crossroads.

Right now, we are offering outpatient services to men in all of our counseling centers – in Portland, Windham and Kennebunk. We are hoping to have an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for men soon as well. Please call us for an appointment:

Portland: 207.773.9931
Windham: 207.894.5733
Kennebunk: 207.467.3369

p.s. Stay tuned for an updated name and mission for the agency, to be announced in November!