What Should You Bring to Rehab?

Making the decision to enter addiction treatment can be full of emotions. On top of that, you’re faced with having to pack for an undetermined amount of time. Each person progresses through recovery at their own pace. But packing shouldn’t be something that stresses you out. Your focus should be on recovery, not what you’re wearing.

Here are a few tips for women attending rehab at Crossroads. Keep in mind, you can bring one suitcase and should pack enough clothing for two weeks. There are laundry facilities available.

  • Pack comfortable clothing such as jeans, t-shirts, and sweaters, as well as workout clothes for exercising or yoga. Don’t forget pajamas and a robe, too. Make sure you’re packing appropriately for the weather in Maine.
  • Bring sneakers as well as hard-soled shoes or boots for weekly equine therapy if you are part of the Back Cove Women’s Residential Program.
  • Outdoor clothing including jacket, gloves, and hat if it will be cold out.
  • Alcohol-free, non-aerosol personal care products such as shampoo, deodorant, body wash, toothpaste, cosmetics, and hygiene products.
  • License, passport, or other valid form of identification, as well as insurance cards.
  • Medications in their original packaging.
  • A small amount of cash for trips to the store or other outings.
  • Journal, stationary, stamps, and recovery books.
  • A few pictures of family and loved ones.

What should you leave at home?

  • Any valuables, including jewelry (aside from watch, wedding band, etc.)
  • Any snacks, candy, or other food items.
  • All electronics, including cell phones. MP3 players without Internet capabilities are permitted.
  • Any clothing with references to drugs, alcohol, sex, or violence. Choose modest, appropriate attire.
  • Anything not related to your recovery.

Remember, the focus of your time in rehab is to overcome addiction and create healthier routines; it’s not a fashion show or competition. Leave anything that may be distracting or potentially harmful at home.

Making the Most of Recovery

It can be tempting to overpack, thinking you might need this or that. Remember that, while you will have some downtime, much of your time will be spent working on recovery. Treatment literature and DVDs are available. For the first five days of treatment, you will not be allowed to have contact with family or friends, but after this blackout period, they may be invited to participate in family education days. You can also write letters to keep in touch.

While in rehab, you want to allow yourself to fully focus on your recovery and improving your well-being. Dress comfortably, enjoy the peace and serenity of the environment around you, and keep an open mind during treatment. Taking a break from cell phones, the Internet, and social media can be a good thing and allow you to make the most of your treatment program. As you adjust, you’ll see that you really didn’t need as much as you thought you did. And if you forget something that you really need, you can always have someone bring it for you.

Crossroads offers two different residential treatment programs for women depending on their needs: the Back Cove Women’s Residential Program, and the Children and Mothers Residential Program (for expectant mothers and new mothers with children up to age 5). Pack sensibly, and if you’re unsure, the team at Crossroads can provide further assistance with what to bring and not bring. Remember who you wanted to be and start your journey to addiction recovery at Crossroads.

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