Why Treatment Over the Holidays Can Be a Smart Move

There is no denying that the holidays can be a stressful time of year. Between traveling, visiting with family and friends, attending events, preparing meals, exchanging gifts, and trying to keep up at work, it can throw off your normal routine. If holiday stress tends to get the better of you, and you find yourself indulging in a little too much food and drink or making unhealthy choices, spending the holiday in recovery programs that fit your needs could be a good option.

Could being away from family and holiday events really be the best choice for you this year? Consider some of the benefits.

A Safe Haven

Entering recovery programs for the holidays can ensure that you’re in a safe space, away from tempting situations. You can focus on self-care, learning strategies to build a healthier lifestyle, and strengthening your commitment to sobriety. If anxiety keeps you feeling on edge and unable to focus, co-occurring treatment programs can be an effective way to manage both addiction and mental health. Allow yourself to destress and feel more confident in your recovery plans.

Prioritize Your Work

Managing looming deadlines and last-minute projects at work can also add to stress and reinforce the need for holiday alcohol recovery.  Some people turn to alcoholism as a way to cope with challenging situations or to temporarily forget about their problems, when really this can just exacerbate issues. Deal with workplace holiday stress by staying organized, prioritizing tasks, and remembering to breathe and take care of yourself.

It can be easier to enter recovery programs for the holidays because you’re able to take time off work and wrap up projects before you go, enabling you to have fewer distractions and put your energy into making the most of treatment. Alcohol treatment centers offer support during the holidays to keep you away from tempting environments and teach you how to confidently decline drink offers, improve relationships, manage stress, and much more.

Reflecting and Learning

Spending the holiday in recovery can teach you practical ways to deal with stress that often creeps up at this time of year. You’re able to reflect on the past and see what went well and what you could have handled differently. Whether in a residential or outpatient program, you can work through challenges and build your communication and problem-solving skills. This can help when faced with temptation or difficult situations moving forward.

Sobriety is a Gift in Itself

Many people get caught up buying the perfect gifts for others, but what about a gift for yourself? Sobriety is a gift that keeps giving. You can remember who you wanted to be and take steps to build a brighter future for yourself and your family that is not influenced by substance use. That can mean more meaningful time spent together, memories created that you’ll remember for years to come, and improvements to your overall health and well-being. A holiday alcohol recovery program can be just what you need to turn your life around for the better.

Taking time for yourself by spending the holidays in recovery so you can enjoy what the future has to offer is not selfish; it’s allowing you to do what you need to do to overcome addiction and make your health a priority so you can be the best version of yourself. Alcohol treatment centers can be a wonderful resource to find programs that fit your needs and help you manage the challenges you face, especially during the holidays. Crossroads provides gender-responsive treatment that empowers clients in their recovery. Spend future holidays in a meaningful and sober way by choosing to enter treatment at Crossroads this holiday season.