Jodi’s Recovery Experience at Crossroads

Andrew on Jodi’s Recovery at Crossroads

Back Cove Women’s Residential Program Testimonials

“My entire experience was valuable toward my recovery and I am feeling very optimistic about returning home.  I have an aftercare plan that encompasses a holistic approach to my life, which reflects my treatment here at Crossroads.  I have developed a new network of support through the alumni association as well as staff.  I would highly recommend Crossroads to any woman who finds herself in need of a healthy recovery from addiction.”

“Crossroads was a wonderful experience – far more so than other, pricier treatment centers. The staff was kind, experienced and reasonable. I made major progress in my relapse prevention and interpersonal skills. Staff assisted me with long-distance family meetings and a solid aftercare plan. I couldn’t be happier.”

“I am so grateful that I got a scholarship to come here. I am very thankful for the Operation Hope program and for everyone involved that got me into Crossroads. I finally feel like I have a chance to be who I am meant to be. You saved my life and for that I am ever grateful.”

Children and Mothers Program Testimonials

/“This level of care for mothers in recovery is great. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to experience my journey into recovery here in this home full of wonderful, loving, caring mothers and staff.”

“I sincerely believe that this program gave me a fighting chance to recover, heal and survive. Without having access to or knowledge of the Children and Mothers Program, I began to give up hope. I have learned to think and live in a whole new way. I leave here with gratitude, a virtue I never quite attained.”

“When I came to CAMP I didn’t come for recovery. I came so I could bring my newborn daughter with me and be safe. While in treatment I learned coping skills I didn’t have and things about parenting, things about myself and ways to change the daily things I’ve struggled with throughout my life. “

Outpatient Counseling Testimonials

“I have felt supported and safe here. The group leaders are both phenomenal and bring unique perspectives. I’ve learned a lot and appreciate all the material covered.”

“Great experience. Supported and heard. Always focused on practical tools to take with me.”

“I had a rough start due to anxiety. As time went on, my anxiety decreased. I was able to communicate better and learned a lot from the clinicians and other group members.”

/“Crossroads has helped me FINALLY gain control of my life and recognize my TRUTHS and JOYS. I came here with a cautious eye, but I enter my new life with an open heart, an enlightened soul and an inspired mind. I am eternally grateful.”

“Being at Crossroads was an experience I will never forget. The first day was hard for me. I was shy and didn’t want to open up. But over time, I opened up so much and shared stories I thought I would never share with anyone. I have a lot more confidence in myself. I’ve learned how to cope with being an addict and how to use my coping skills if I’m thinking of relapse. I also met a couple of good friends that I can have sober fun with.”

“I felt a strong connection to almost all of the women I encountered. The IOP environment was safe and helpful, especially with the counselors and other group members’ advice.”


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