Maine Locations for Treatment Programs

Back Cove Women’s Residential Program for Co-Occurring Eating Disorders and Addiction

/Our specialized co-occurring eating disorders treatment program is a residential treatment program for women located in Portland, Maine that immerses women in a safe, structured, therapeutic environment to begin their recovery from eating disorders and addiction. It is an intimate 10-bed program that is ideal for women who need the comfort and support of a structured program that has professional onsite staff 24/7.

Learn more about the Back Cove women’s residential program at Crossroads and the full slate of services and activities available to support women in the early stages of recovery.

Children and Mothers Program (CAMP)

Crossroads’ children and mothers program (CAMP) is located in Windham, Maine. It is a residential treatment program for pregnant and new mothers battling addiction. Women are able to bring young children up to age 5 with them to the facility. This allows women to focus on their treatment and recovery without worrying about who they will get to watch their children. Children are engaged in a variety of educational and recreational activities throughout the day. In addition, clients learn how to more effectively care for their children while balancing their own recovery needs. The program also provides access to a wide range of services including medical care, sober living, counseling, case management, family support, and more.

Crossroads was founded in Windham in 1974, and the children and mothers program was started in 1995. This Maine rehab center location has helped dozens of expectant women and new mothers overcome addiction and feel more confident moving forward in sobriety.

Women can focus on their recovery while keeping their children nearby in the CAMP program at Crossroads.

Greater Portland Counseling Center

The Greater Portland Counseling Center, located in Scarborough, Maine, is home to Crossroads’ partial hospitalization programs (PHP), and the intensive outpatient programs (IOP) for Women. Both of these programs are offered for women seeking treatment for eating disorders and/or substance use disorders. Groups meet daily for 3-6 hours. Women are engaged in gender-responsive treatment that allows them to focus on addiction education, nutritional stabilization, co-occurring mental health disorders, coping strategies, and relapse prevention as they continue their recovery journey. These programs provides the necessary level of support for women to feel more confident in maintaining recovery while dealing with real-life challenges.

In addition, the Greater Portland Counseling Center also offers outpatient therapy and educational groups for men, women, and their families. Addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders impacts everyone, and Crossroads is committed to providing comprehensive support for recovery.

Receive ongoing support for recovery through outpatient programs and counseling at the Greater Portland Counseling Center.

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