Rehab for Women with Children

The children and mothers residential program is a specially designed rehab for women with children. This residential treatment program for pregnant and postpartum mothers in Windham, Maine doesn’t leave children out of the parent’s recovery journey.

Addiction Recovery for Pregnant and Postpartum Mothers

A major concern of women seeking addiction treatment is often their children. They worry about being away from them or who will care for them while they are in treatment. The children and mothers residential rehab program for addiction recovery in Maine is unlike traditional programs. It encompasses childcare, parenting education and related services. Pregnant and postpartum mothers keep their children close and learn how to more effectively care for them as they work on their own recovery and creating a healthier lifestyle.

The rehab program for women with children is open to women at any stage of pregnancy, those who have children under age 5, and those who are working on family reunification. The mother child program provides onsite living arrangements as well as childcare while women attend counseling, support group meetings, parenting classes and other activities all on-site. We address co-occurring mental health issues, and take gender-responsive and trauma-informed approaches to provide treatment that meets the challenges women face in recovery. Evidence-based curriculum is used incorporating Seeking Safety, A Woman’s Way Through the Twelve Steps, and Motivational Interviewing and Relapse Prevention Therapy.

Extensive Treatment Services at CAMP

CAMP provides extensive on-site treatment services that span all aspects of women’s lives. From counseling, family relationships and aftercare to parenting skills, medical care and safe, sober housing. With these services, there is direct access to clinicians that help mothers build the skills to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their family.

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Individual and Group Counseling

two women talking about Crossroads children and mothers residential programNo two women are the same. This is why our clinicians at rehab for women with children collaborate with each client. They create a personalized treatment plan that meets their individual needs and goals. Women can delve more deeply into their personal situation and struggles with recovery during weekly individual counseling sessions. We address both substance use and mental health disorders. This is a time for women to really focus on their needs and develop skills for a more successful recovery at our center for women and children in Maine.

We offer daily women-only therapy groups that we encourage our clients to participate in. It allows them to connect with other women going through similar experiences. This offers encouragement and reminds our clients they are not alone in their journey and have support. Together women learn how to express their feelings more effectively and build healthier relationships. Groups include Healthy Relationships, Medical Aspects of Chemical Dependency, Moms in Recovery and Living Sober. There are also daily Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings.

If you or someone you love is pregnant or has young children, and is struggling with a substance use disorder, there is hope at a mother child program in Maine. Contact Crossroads today to learn more about CAMP and its benefits for the whole family.

Case Management and Assistance

outside playground at children and mothers residential programSubstance use disorders affect all aspects of a woman’s life as well as their child’s. Recognizing the need for planning and support, the mother child program offers case management and assistance services. Case managers can help to connect women with OB/GYN, primary care, or other specialty care to monitor, protect, and boost their health during and after pregnancy. Medical care can also be arranged for their infant or young child.

Creating a safe, healthy environment is also essential in recovery, so women are supported in securing housing upon completion of treatment if necessary and locating community resources for ongoing support. Women at a residential rehab are able to better focus on their recovery when there are not so many other things to worry about. Case managers work with women to create a plan that addresses their needs and makes them feel more confident in both entering and leaving treatment. The right support systems in place can promote lifelong recovery and a healthier life.

Parenting and Children’s Services and Assistance

twin bedroom with crib at children and mothers residential programWhen pregnant or new mothers enter addiction treatment, they are often concerned about their ability to be a good parent to their child. Up to that point, their focus may have been mainly consumed by their substance use. With parenting and children’s services and assistance, they can develop the knowledge and skills they need to care for themselves and their children. A licensed, on-site daycare is available for children ages 6 weeks and older and developmentally appropriate activities are provided while mothers are in rehab treatment.

Pregnant women are assisted in finding medical and OB/GYN care to support a healthier delivery. All women can take part in educational classes regarding the needs of newborn, infant, toddler or preschool children; developmental milestones for children; and how to nurture and communicate with a child to build a stronger mother-child bond. Not only do mothers receive the care they need, children are also monitored to identify any potential medical or developmental concerns. Women are then connected with the appropriate specialists to create and implement a plan for their child’s well-being at the centers for women and children in Maine.


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