Crossroads Residential Women’s Treatment Center

A peaceful, therapeutic residential women’s treatment center with an environment where women can focus on addiction and eating disorder recovery and healing your mind, body and spirit. Learn more about our women’s residential addiction treatment program in Maine.

Extensive Treatment Services at Back Cove

Since men and women often have different needs in recovery, the Back Cove women’s residential program uses an evidence-based relational model featuring trauma-informed and gender-responsive addiction treatment programs. This inpatient program reduces outside distractions and offers a safe, structured environment that provides a solid foundation for recovery. The women’s treatment center incorporates a wide range of services, therapies, and activities to meet the needs of women and support them along each step of the way as they move forward in their recovery. Take a tour of the beautiful facility below and see where you or your loved one could begin treatment – and find out what to pack.

Back Cove offers extensive on-site treatment services with direct contact with and access to clinicians that guide women through each stage of recovery and supports their individual needs. These services help them to build the skills to create a healthier lifestyle.

Comprehensive Assessments for Clients

Before true healing can begin, it is important to understand what challenges each woman is facing. Through comprehensive assessments for substance use and mental health disorders, proper residential women’s treatment plans can be designed for optimal care. These assessments are performed by a licensed professional counselor. If medication is involved, a medication management evaluation is also available. Since no two women are the same, initial assessments and evaluations are a key part in creating an individualized approach to meet each client’s needs.

What Sets Crossroads Apart in Residential Treatment for Eating Disorders

Instead of treating each condition separately – which can actually make some symptoms worse and increase risk of relapse – Crossroads provides comprehensive care addressing both areas of need while also promoting improved mental health. This is one of the biggest factors that sets the facility apart: it is not strictly an eating disorder rehab or an addiction rehab, it’s both, and it’s one of the only facilities of its kind in the state of Maine and in New England as a whole.

The program is a residential treatment program that immerses women in a safe, structured, therapeutic environment to begin their recovery from eating disorders and addiction. It is an intimate 10-bed program that is ideal for women who need the comfort and support of a structured program that has professional onsite staff 24/7.

Individualized Therapy and Counseling

Recovery is about more than just physically being substance-free or engaging in eating disorder behaviors. It also involves changing your thought processes and establishing healthier routines and ways of coping with challenging situations. Through individualized therapy and counseling, women at the residential women’s treatment center can work through obstacles they are struggling with, including co-occurring substance use and mental health issues. At a dual diagnosis treatment center in Portland, Maine, women have the opportunity to delve more deeply into subjects that evolve during group sessions or individual matters that need more attention. The clinical team includes master’s level clinicians with specialized training in the treatment of women struggling with addiction and eating disorders as well as trauma-informed care. Together the client and clinician create a personalized treatment plan.

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Group Therapy and Relationship Building

Communication and support are two key areas of addiction and eating disorder recovery at the Back Cove Women’s residential treatment center. Through group therapy and relationship building activities, women learn how to express themselves more effectively and build connections with staff, other clients, and family members. They can feel safe in a judgment-free, respectful environment surrounded by other women. Women’s treatment center group therapy encourages women to share their stories so that they realize they are not alone and others have gone through similar situations. There is a give-and-take of sharing and receiving feedback, which helps everyone to grow and heal.

Group therapy topics include early recovery skills, mental health topics, relapse prevention, managing emotions, the medical aspects of chemical dependency, trauma, nutrition for sobriety and spirituality. With a vast array of topics and supportive engagement, women develop a greater sense of self and respect for other women.

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Family Involvement and Support

Addiction and behavioral health issues affect more than just the person in treatment. They affect the entire family. Crossroads encourages family involvement and provides support to help everyone be more successful. Family members are connected with a clinician who provides weekly updates during treatment and works with the family on aftercare plans and progress.

Family members are an integral part of recovery and are supported in understanding how a loved one’s addiction has affected them and how they can be proactive in recovery and set healthy boundaries. The residential women’s treatment center in Portland, Maine offers group therapy sessions with family members of clients, as well as Al-Anon meetings and family therapy sessions with their loved one. Family clinicians are also available by Skype and phone for non-local family members.

12-Step Work

Over the years, 12-step work has become an integral part of addiction recovery. Women in the Back Cove women’s residential program attend daily meetings either in-house or within the community. This helps to familiarize them with the residential women’s treatment program and start building connections with Back Cove peers and the recovery community. Attendance at 12-step meetings in Maine typically becomes a regular part of recovery even after residential treatment, so early involvement sets women up for success after treatment. Family members also become familiar with the program through Al-Anon meetings held during family days.

Participate in Back Cove Women’s Residential Program at Crossroads

The Back Cove women’s residential program welcomes women who are ready to remember who they wanted to be and engage in a cutting-edge, gender-responsive addiction and emotional health treatment program. Please call us today at 877.978.1667 to make an appointment.

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Client Testimonials

“My eperience was life-changing. I learned to accept my alcoholism as a disease and something that I cannot change. I learned to not feel shame and to have self-compassion. I also learned coping skills to help fight off the cravings and triggers. I am using these every day now.”

-DG – Back Cove Experience