PTSD Treatment Program

Dealing with traumatic experiences can be challenging; they can have a powerful impact that is difficult to overcome. Natural disasters, accidents, abuse, and war are just a few of the events that can contribute to the development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This condition can result in persistent fear, flashbacks, mood swings, avoidance, and other symptoms that interfere with quality of life. While some people believe that PTSD only affects active military or veterans, it can affect anyone. People involved in serious accidents, natural disasters such as tornados or hurricanes, abusive situations, or the sudden loss of a loved one, can all experience PTSD. Not everyone who experiences trauma develops this condition, but there are many who do. Crossroads offers the PTSD treatment program in Portland, Maine to help those experiencing PTSD.

PTSD Leads to Addiction

man showing signs of PTSD that could benefit from Crossroads' PTSD treatment programPost-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) doesn’t always present on its own, either. People may also be struggling with substance use as well. Drugs or alcohol use may have played a part in the trauma, or the person may have started using these substances as a way of coping. Addiction can exacerbate these issues and add additional challenges. Alcohol or drugs may be used as a way of reducing stress, inducing sleep, or trying to forget about one’s problems. However, these substances can make symptoms worse. Addiction rehab, combined with the PTSD treatment program, addresses both conditions at once, recognizing the impact that they have on one another. This treatment is called Co-occurring Disorders or Dual Diagnosis.

Co-Occurring Disorders & PTSD Treatment Programs

People began to understand that mental health problems can definitely be the roots of substance use. It can lead the person into trying to find something that could help escape the stressful impact of traumatic experiences – which mostly ends up for the worse instead. Co-occurring disorders were then innovated to help patients understand the linkage of PTSD and addiction as well as guide them in practicing effective ways for managing their condition through specific treatment programs.

PTSD and Substance Use Disorders Treatment Program at Crossroads

Treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is not a separate program at Crossroads – it is part of a comprehensive approach to addiction rehab and treating mental health as an integral part of overall recovery. Addiction and PTSD treatment can help individuals to work through these pervasive thoughts and troubling actions to live a healthier, more enriching life.

Each client at Crossroads undergoes a thorough evaluation before treatment begins to identify any mental health disorders that may exist alongside addiction.

Treating PTSD at Crossroads goes hand-in-hand with treating addiction through co-occurring disorders treatment programs. A personalized plan is developed that encompasses each individual’s needs and goals. Clients engage in individual and group therapies, 12-step work, holistic treatment options, and recreational activities to create a balanced approach to recovery. By addressing physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs, clients see the impact that addiction and PTSD has had on their lives and learn effective strategies for overcoming these issues. Clients experience life in new ways and remember who they wanted to be.

Through comprehensive care at an addiction treatment center such as Crossroads, clients are empowered in their recovery. PTSD therapy addresses mental health issues stemming from PTSD as well as addiction and supports clients in working through these challenges and reducing risk of relapse. Individuals determine what works best for their situation and lifestyle. By participating in many different approaches to treatment, clients build a stronger foundation for recovery and are equipped with the tools and resources necessary to continue moving forward. PTSD and addiction do not have to stand in the way of living a thriving and fulfilling life.

There are several options for treating PTSD and addiction at Crossroads. The Back Cove women’s residential treatment program and the children and mothers residential program (CAMP) offer women a safe, structured, therapeutic environment where they can focus on recovery. The outpatient treatment programs and PTSD therapy groups are open to both women and men to provide the level of support and treatment necessary to promote continued recovery and positive mental health while living at home or at an approved sober living facility. All programs are gender-responsive to provide targeted treatment that aligns with the unique challenges each gender faces. PTSD and addiction do not necessarily affect women in the same way as men, so having these separate programs allows each client to receive the personalized services they need for a more effective recovery.

Crossroads holds men and women’s PTSD programs overcoming the challenges of PTSD and addiction and living a healthier, more balanced life in recovery. Overcome past traumas and learn different strategies for promoting positive mental health and substance-free living while remembering who you wanted to be. The PTSD treatment program at Crossroads helps clients regain control of their lives and build a brighter future in Portland, Maine.

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