Addiction Treatment Programs

Crossroads offers a variety of addiction and behavioral health treatment programs for women in any stage of life.

diverse group of smiling women managing addiction and anxiety together

Back Cove Women’s Residential Program for substance use and eating disorders

Both addiction and eating disorders are chronic diseases that can result in high relapse rates without proper treatment programs. At Crossroads, we understand how these two conditions affect recovery – we treat women as a whole and not just focus on symptoms, but address underlying issues and support physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual healing.Fully immerse yourself in a peaceful, therapeutic environment where you can focus on your recovery and healing your mind, body, and spirit is essential. Men and women often have different needs in recovery. The Back Cove Women’s Residential Program uses an evidence-based relational model with an emphasis on gender-responsive and trauma-informed treatment specifically for women.

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mother kissing child in the fall during mother and child residential addiction treatment program stay

Children and Mothers Residential Program

A major concern of women seeking help from an addiction treatment program is often their children. Crossroads CAMP is unlike traditional programs in that it encompasses childcare, parenting education and related services. Pregnant and postpartum mothers can keep their children close and learn how to more effectively care for them as they work on their own recovery and creating a healthier lifestyle.

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mother sitting with daughter supporting her through addiction treatment programs at Crossroads

“My experience was life-changing. I learned to accept my alcoholism as a disease and something that I cannot change. I learned to not feel shame and to have self-compassion. I also learned coping skills to help fight off the cravings and triggers. I am using these every day now.”— DG – Back Cove experience

– Back Cove Women’s Residential Program Client

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Addiction, behavioral and mental health are issues that can affect anyone and require treatment programs. At Crossroads, we provide a variety of evidence-based, therapeutic options for recovery. Comprehensive care and ongoing support are essential elements of recovery and we strive to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for healing and personal growth.

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