All genders, and women in particular, struggle with eating disorders. The pressure to conform to societal norms of beauty and etiquette are among many reasons someone might develop an eating disorder. A residential women’s treatment center in Portland, Maine, provides the assistance women need via eating disorder programs. Residential programs are ideal for treating behavioral issues. An effective binge eating disorder treatment center offers several options for those dealing with binge eating disorder.

Binge Eating Disorder Defined

woman raising hands up in victory at binge eating disorder treatment centerBinge eating is the most common eating disorder in the United States and affects people of all ages and from all walks of life. Unlike many other eating disorders, binge eating does not involve throwing up. Instead, you feel a loss of control and eat large amounts of food in a short period. That time might be just an hour or two, and you eat an unusually large amount of food. Binge eating has many potential health consequences, but a binge eating disorder treatment center in Portland, Maine, offers many effective treatments.

Binge eating comes in many forms and often results in rapid weight gain and related health issues. Examples of binge eating disorder include eating:

  • Rapidly while on a binge
  • Substantial amounts during a particular timeframe, like two hours
  • Until you experience discomfort from being too full
  • When you are not hungry
  • Secretly or while alone

The right binge eating disorder treatment center can help you to deal with overeating effectively, and better control future urges. It also helps you to address the underlying causes and, preferably, eliminate or better control what makes you engage in binge eating.

Binge Eating Can Become Life-Threatening

If left untreated, binge eating can become potentially deadly. Long-term consequences from obesity, heart disease, and other very real health issues significantly reduce life expectancy. This eating pattern can also create short-term health concerns when eating well beyond your body’s natural capacity. Binge eating disorder treatment center in Portland, Maine, and other locations can help prevent long-term health issues that might have deadly consequences. Binge eating can strike virtually anyone. Most vulnerable, though, are young women and those aging beyond their middle-age years.

Binge Eating Disorder Symptoms

There are many telltale signs that you are dealing with a binge eating disorder. If you suddenly are eating faster than usual for no particular reason and you want to devour a lot of food, you are showing a sign. Another is eating until you are well past the point of being full and are far beyond being hungry. You might also hide food and choose to eat alone to disguise your condition. Eventually, you likely will feel depressed, guilty, or even disgusted with yourself, and that can lead to additional mental health issues. The binge eating disorder treatment center in Portland, Maine, provides a full range of services to help you overcome binge eating when the symptoms become apparent. Common issues related to eating disorders include substance abuse, anxiety, and depression.

Disorder Programs Help Greatly

The Crossroads treatment center in Portland, Maine, offers a wide range of services for women as well as men. We provide a wide range of treatment programs for women, including:

Please feel to contact Crossroads at 877.978.1667 to learn more about our treatment programs and how they can help you. We have programs located across the region with inpatient and outpatient options. We also treat related issues to ensure a full, holistic approach for effective behavioral modification to control your binge eating and any associated disorders.