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Who we are

About Crossroads

Crossroads is Maine’s premier addiction and behavioral health treatment center that provides gender-responsive treatment programs that enable clients to recover from addiction, mental health, and eating disorders in a safe, supportive environment and develop the skills and strategies necessary to support long-term recovery. Additionally, our co-occurring treatment programs address the needs of family members to build healthy relationships and help everyone heal with the impact of substance use and mental health disorders in a constructive way.


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What WE offer

Addiction and Eating Disorder Treatment

Residential Rehab Programs

We offer a unique, home-like setting for our patients to find comfort during their recovery from addiction. Our residential treatment programs each come with an in-house cook, so clients can always have a good meal. We’ve offered a specialized women’s residential treatment program since 1974. Our Children and Mother’s Residential Addiction Treatment Program empowers mothers and expecting mothers to get the treatment they deserve without leaving their families. Learn more about our residential addiction treatment and eating disorder programs.

Outpatient Rehab Programs

Crossroads is home to gender-specific outpatient treatment programs for both men and women in our Maine locations. We offer outpatient programs for substance abuse treatment, eating disorder treatment, and mental health treatment. One-on-one counseling, group therapy programs and family therapy programs are available to our clients. Find a treatment program that works for you. Learn more about our outpatient programs.

Substance Use Treatment Programs

Addiction and mental health disorders affect millions of people every day. Our admissions process enables medical professionals to make the decision for the next steps in your recovery. Our programs have shown to be successful. It’s time for you or a loved one to make the call.


Co-Occurring Eating Disorders and Addiction Treatment

Addiction and eating disorders are very sensitive topics. As a result, this makes addressing the issue a challenge for families and friends. Crossroads offers co-occurring eating disorders and addiction treatment for women who would like to recover in a way that works best for them. Our residential program is safe and effective. With 10 beds, this intimate program is designed to give our clients a comfortable and structured environment. Make the choice best for yourself. Learn more about our co-occurring eating disorders and addiction treatment.

Addiction Treatment Therapy

Crossroads uses a gender-responsive treatment option. It builds on your innate strengths. You receive care in a supportive environment that focuses heavily on peer counseling. Our evidence-based addiction treatment therapy offers opportunities for getting the help you need to deal with all facets surrounding addiction. Treatment might take place in local therapy groups, or it may include one-on-one sessions. Learn more about our addiction treatment therapy.

Our Locations

See Our Facility

Crossroads offers effective addiction treatment and mental health treatment in a comfortable and effective environment. Here, our clients can turn over a new leaf and start on the long road to recovery. They can rebuild themselves and their relationships with a strong foundation from our specialized addiction treatment and mental health programs.

Make an Appointment

You deserve a second chance. You are not alone in your struggle with addiction, and we are here to help you overcome it. We are here to help you live a better and healthier life. Call, email or complete the inquiry form to us today, and take the first steps on the long road to recovery.