women talking during a family therapy program in Portland MaineIn addiction treatment, we talk a lot about the idea that when you commit to rehabilitation and recovery from substance abuse problems, you are not alone. But this does not just mean that you will receive support from the addiction counselors and therapists in a well-developed addiction treatment program like the one at Crossroads Maine. It also refers to the fact that any successful journey towards recovery requires a strong support network. This network can include healthcare professionals, but also your peers, friends, and, in some cases, most importantly, your family. A family therapy program, like the Crossroads family therapy program in Portland, Maine, can help.

This option aims to give you the tools you need to strengthen and rebuild your relationship with your family members. An extended period of substance abuse too often leads to the corrosion and weakening of these family bonds. But at Crossroads, we can address this issue specifically.

Our Family Therapy Program and Addiction Treatment

A good family therapy program is considered by professionals in the counseling community to be an effective way of rebuilding situations that been weakened by the stress and conflict that so often accompanies substance abuse. As a result, the highest quality addiction treatment centers often recommend that the program be used as a tool when treating addiction. The professionals in the Crossroads family therapy program in Portland, Maine, are specialists in helping families work through addiction issues, and they are here to help you and your family.

What Happens in a Family Therapy Program?

In our family therapy program, we run sessions that bring multiple family members together. They discuss the specific problems they have faced as a result of addiction. In some cases, we also recommend that the family members who have been hit the hardest by addiction have individual sessions with a separate therapist to work through the grief and conflict that they have experienced.

Through our family therapy program, you and your family will:

  • Learn to communicate effectively with each other, and to solve problems together
  • Look into your family structure, and discuss how the rules and relationships in your family have helped or hindered the patient’s recovery from substance abuse
  • Explore the extent to which there are any barriers to rehabilitation in your family
  • Identify, celebrate, and build on the strengths that your family provides as a support system for the person or people in need of that help

The goals in our family therapy program are the same as your goals. We want to help heal any damage in your family caused by addiction.

You Are Not Alone

If you are dealing with substance abuse, and need somewhere to turn, or if someone you love or who is a member of your family is suffering in this way, take the first step today. Crossroads Maine offers the best family therapy program in Portland, Maine. Crossroads will do the most possible to help your family overcome the effects of dealing with addiction. You will leave our program with a family unit that is stronger than ever.

If substance abuse has been tearing your family apart, it’s time to take your life back. Contact Crossroads Maine online today, or call us at 877.978.1667. We’re ready to help you and your family start again.